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Bad Week For President Obama, Jerry Sandusky's Trial, Strife in Egypt, and Spain Bailout

The Big 3 Things of the Week in the World of News June 15, 2012

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Dictator Hosni Mubarak is Gone: Now What's in Store for Egypt's Future?

Hosni Mubarak ceded power to the Egyptian military on Friday as a popular revolt swept away the leader of the Arab world’s most populous state, throwing into question the future of the entire Arab world. In the aftermath of Friday’s historic day, here are thee important questions that need to be addressed. 1. What should President Obama do about Egypt, now? Best course of action, Mr. President, is to do little or nothing.

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History Shows That President Obama Should Support Hosni Mubarak In Egypt

Most of President Obama’s State of the Union Address dealt with domestic issues like dealing with the national debt, education, and “Winning the Future”.

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President Obama May Be Against Mubarak In Egypt, Bowling Alley Shooting in Delaware, and Eagles to Interview Darren Perry

The Omelette Sunday January 30, 2011 President Obama May Be Leaning Towards Siding With Opposition of Mubarak in Egypt

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Butterfly Mosque author G. Willow Wilson discusses identity, comics, and Islam at UPenn

“When you turn on the news in America, and you hear any kind of human interest story about Muslims, it’s almost always something that’s gone wrong,” author G. Willow Wilson said to an engaged crowd during a panel discussion at UPenn.

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