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eliot spitzer


Quotes of the Week: Keith Olbermann Suing Current TV, Donovan McNabb Rips Redskins, and President Obama's Open Mic Moment

The Omelette Sunday April 1, 2012 Quotes of the Week Keith Olbermann Suing Current TV

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Anthony Weiner's Lewd Photo and Four Reasons Why He Should Resign

Four Reasons Why Anthony Weiner Should Resign.

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Charles Rangel Corruption, Jennifer Aniston Stalker, Theo Ratliff Signs With Lakers, And Phillies Defeat Cardinals

The Omelette Thursday July 22nd:  Former Philadelphia Sixer Theo Ratliff got a job.  Nope this isn't a misprint.  He actually signed with the World Champion L.A. Lakers. Ratliff is a shell of his former shelf from when he played in Philly until 2001.  He averaged a whopping 3.6 points and 3.2 rebounds in 49 games last year.

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