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eric cantor


SOPA and PIPA Bills are Tabled, But the Media Remains Supportive Of Them

Last week, Congressman Lamar Smith tabled his infamous Stop Onl

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Complete List of SOPA Supporters in Congress

Just who supports the SOPA Legislation which was shelved by Congress yesterday? The legislation came at the behest of Hollywood and the Music Industry and was spearheaded by Texas Republican Congressman Lamar Smith.

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The 2011 Debt Ceiling Debate: Why It's About 2012 For President Obama

Debt Ceiling Debate: Why it is all about 2012 and Six Other Things You Need To Know.

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Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photo Scandal, Dog Found Hanging From Tree In Philly, and Phillies Embarrassed By Nationals

Republicans Exploit Anthony Weiner "Crotch-shot" Twitter Scandal

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