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Fairmount Park


240th Annual Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade Celebrates Irish Heritage

Fino’s Fairs and Festivals

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Free public art events on Saturdays at Fairmount Park

Fall Family Fun at Fairmount It’s finally fall! It’s time for pumpkin picking, raking leaves, Friday night football games, and best of all, the great family festivals and events taking place in Philadelphia. Well, you’d better add this family-friendly program to your list because it is definitely one you won’t want to miss. 

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Earth Day Celebrates 40 Green Years in Philadelphia

The year 1970 kicked off a decade dedicated to promoting peace and love, and was host to the our very first Earth Day on April 22.

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Students Run Philly Style Celebrate Their Mentors with April 17th Gener8tion Run and Other Events

With the great weather lately, people are heading out to local parks to run and soak up the sun. There is a special group in Philly whose aim is to learn to run and become better athletes, build camaraderie, achieve goals, and have a good time while learning. This group is full of Philadelphia’s school kids and they are Students Run Philly Style.

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Exploring Trees at the Please Touch Museum

With the weather outside looking pretty frightful lately, the Please Touch Museum is all the more delightful for parents and kiddos suffering from cabin fever. As most folks know, Please Touch is a treasure trove of indoor activities, but the newest exhibit – Exploring Trees Inside and Out – offers a welcome taste of the outdoors.  

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Rise in Bicycle Accidents in Philadelphia is leading to more Bike Laws

On October 15, police found Andre Steed, a 40-year-old paralegal, down and bloody at 16th and Locust. Witnesses would tell police he’d been struck by a biker. Within 10 days, Steed was dead. The biker who fled scene still hasn’t been identified.

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Please Touch Museum: There’s Nothing like Experience

Dear Children’s Museums,

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