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Faisal Shahzad


Democrats More Afraid of Tea Party Than Terrorists and Nuclear-Armed Iran

The Metro headline was unambiguous: "Taliban plotted Times Sq. Attempt." Subtitle: "White House says new information shows bomber wasn't acting alone." No surprise, really. Except that's not what we heard the day of the event from New York Democratic leaders.

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NBC and Jay Leno Taking The Low Road With Conan O'Brien

The feud between Jay Leno, NBC, and Conan O'Brien has been getting downright nasty in recent days. First, NBC called O'Brien a liar after his 60 Minutes Interview on Sunday night. 

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Times Square Bomb Attempt a Prelude to More Attempts By Terrorists

For many months now, Americans have been preoccupied with a tough economy, rampant unemployment, a budget deficit gone wild, Tea Partiers, health care debates, and taxes. Now, Al Quaeda is back into the forefront after the Times Square Car Bomb attempt on Saturday. 

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