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federal government shutdown


Averted Government Shutdown: President Obama and John Boehner's Phony Fight

Congressional leaders, with barely an hour to go before a federal government shutdown, announced late Friday night they had reached a deal to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year by

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John Boehner's Budget Battle, Birthday Party Shooting in Chester, and Cockfighting Ring Busted in New Jersey

The Omelette Sunday April 10, 2011 John Boehner's Budget Battle Victory and Government Shutdown Averted

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Weekly Roundup: Phillies Clobber Mets, U.S. Government Shutdown 2011, Allen Iverson Traffic Stop Rant, Glenn Beck, Katie Couric, and Matt Lauer

The Omelette Friday April 8, 2011 Weekly Roundup Phillies Clobber Mets 11-0

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Cole Hamels Gets Shelled, Federal Government Shutdown Possible, and Elderly Woman Stuck on Toilet For Four Days

The Omelette Wednesday April 6, 2011 Cole Hamels Gets Shelled in Loss to Mets

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