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film review


‘Edge of Tomorrow’ review: Don’t be fooled by its title

The world is under siege by a relentless alien invader.

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REVIEW: Stallone and De Niro return to boxing ring for 'Grudge Match'

I know, I know.

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Stallone, Schwarzenegger make 'Escape Plan' fun

At the age of 67, you would think

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'You’re Next' – Big Scares, Small Budget

From the chillingly economical cold open,

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'Paranoia' is an underachieving thriller


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'The Lone Ranger's' comedic, action packed moments outweigh film's lesser points

After being plagued for over two years with budget concerns, poor shooting conditions and other issues too numerous to mention, Disney was finally able to bring

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Brad Pitt Vs. Zombies: ‘World War Z’ Movie Review

As an unexplained rash of violent, cannibalistic human behavior begins to spread globally,

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'Man of Steel' explores darker, more complex side of Superman

I must admit, I was expecting very little when plans were announced to reboot the Superman franchise again.

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