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fiscal cliff


U.S. Defense spending should be addressed by President Obama and Congress in budget debates

For decades our government has spent money they didn't have, sometimes wisely, often foolishly.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief, Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceiling, and a Failing Congress

In a recent column on the fiscal cliff debate, I suggested with all seriousness that the current US Congress should be replaced by monkeys in

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Top News Stories of 2012: Sandy Hook Shooting, Fiscal Cliff, Hurricane Sandy, Presidential Election, and Jerry Sandusky Trial

2012 was a year that was challenging for America in many ways. Even though unemployment reached it's lowest levels in 4 years, there are still millions of people who are unemployed or underemployed.

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Fiscal Cliff Looming as New Year's Eve Beckons

French moralist and political envoy Joseph de

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The Fiscal Cliff, A Worthless Congress, and a Broken President Obama

The end of the world is not coming this year.

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The Fiscal Cliff: Three Words You Won't Hear "Budget Control Act"

The BCA refers to the Budget Control Act of 2011, which will have it’s greatest effect on Jan. 1, 2013. The legislation has yet to be agreed upon in Congress, but that doesn’t matter and we’ll get to why that is.

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Fiscal Cliff Battle Rages on Between President Obama and Republicans

The White House and Republicans have finally put their initial proposals on a fiscal cliff agreement on the bargaining table, and so far it looks like neither side is willing to budge.

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President Obama Defeats Mitt Romney: Now the Post-Election Blame Game

On Tuesday, Americans saw President Barack Obama voted into a second term at 11:30pm, much quicker than the media had predicted.

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