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freddie mitchell


Is Danny Watkins the Philadelphia Eagles' Worst Draft Pick Ever?

As the Eagles' disastrous season continues, it's pretty evident that Andy Reid will not be returning for a 15th season.

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Snowstorm Ends in Philadelphia, Freddie Mitchell Looking for Love on Bravo, and Gabrielle Giffords' Miraculous Recovery

The Omelette Wednesday January 12, 2011 Snowstorm Ends in Philadelphia Region With Most Seeing 4 Inches

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The Top Ten Funniest Links About the Philadelphia Eagles

Tony D's Philly Funny Guide With the NFL season just a few weeks away, our own Tony D took it upon himself to find some humor with our beloved birds. Some of these are just too funny. Enjoy!   10: Philadelphia Eagles Jokes: These are much funnier after a gallon of Riot Juice. http://www.superiorjokes.com/for-all-you-philadelphia-eagles-fans/  

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Philly2Philly.com relives top Philadelphia sports players and moments from the 2000's

As we enter a new decade of Philadelphia sports, lets relive the best players and moments from the past decade. The decade saw three of the four Philadelphia teams compete for Championships. We saw great young players come into their own, and some of our favorite players ride into the sunset. We also saw MVP's and Rookies of the Year, and coaches that were voted the best by their peers. The past decade of Philadelphia sports was a wild ride, so buckle up, while we recap the best moments. Philadelphia 76ers

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