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global warming


Make Your Philly Home Eco Friendly

Having an eco-friendly home is a must. People have been converting their homes more and more to make sure that they don’t need to consume as many resources.  

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Doomsday Clock inches closer towards midnight

The 'Doomsday Clock' ticks another minute towards midnight. That means the threat of nuclear war is growing! Read More HERE!  Photo: damninteresting.com

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Were the Mississippi River Floods Caused By Global Warming?

Did Global Warming Cause The Mississippi Floods?

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The Climate-Gate Nontroversy

“It's not science, it's the religion of the left,” typed an anonymous reader Thanksgiving afternoon on ScienceBlogs.com. “Science has never had one thing to do with it,” the commenter continued, “It is simply about destroying the very concept of God and replacing it with MASSIVE government! All hail his royal F*&%TARD COWARD, Barack Obama!”

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