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google trends


Conway Cover Up: Alex Jones' Prisonplanet.com and Supporters Spam Google Trends

On any given day Google Trends will serve as a barometer for the hot topics in news. Usually (and I really do mean usually) when you see a search on Google Trends, it means it's a pretty big deal. Call it the pulse of what's wetting Americans' appetites for news at that moment.

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How Social Networks Like Facebook and Twitter, and Blogs Are Shaping Politics and Our World

The increasing connectivity that social networking allows has transformed our lives. At the same time, use of these powerful tools has been redefining politics. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are rapidly supplanting television, radio, and newspapers as information sources of choice.

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Facebook DNS Error Failure Turns Google Trends Upside Down

The world has gone mad. This afternoon Facebook went down for a few hours and millions of people couldn't get their Facebook fix for a few hours. Alas, the Apocalypse had begun!

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Alex Jones Is Back At It With Brain Eating Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

A few weeks ago, yours truly lobbed a grenade at Alex Jones' fans after he and his fans claimed he was the target of censorship by Youtube when his Oba

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