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Governor Scott Walker


Bad Week For President Obama, Jerry Sandusky's Trial, Strife in Egypt, and Spain Bailout

The Big 3 Things of the Week in the World of News June 15, 2012

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Scott Walker's Recall Election Victory Will Have a Huge Impact on President Obama's Reelection Campaign

On Tuesday, Wisconsinites turned out at the polls to partake in a recall election that many in the political arena view as a snapshot of the current

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Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Rights Battle: Scott Walker and Teachers Unions Need Common Sense Solutions

Spearheaded by the budget fight in Wisconsin made by Republican governor Scott Walker and teachers unions, the past few weeks have seen massive media attention paid to teachers unions and how they affect sta

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Forbes Rich List Is Out, Charlie Manuel Signs Extension, Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill Passes, and 21 Priests Named

The Omelette Thursday March 10, 2011 Forbes "Rich List" of World's Wealthiest Billionaires Is Out

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Philadelphia Cop Shoots Dog in Wrong Home, Blogger Ian Murphy's Scott Walker Prank Call, and Robberies Outside Radnor Diners

The Omelette Thursday February 24, 2011 Philadelphia Cop Mistakenly Goes Into Wrong Home and Shoots Dog Dead Wednesday night a Philadelphia cop went into the wrong home in West Philadelphia  when a dog inside bit him on the ankle. He then shot the dog four times and killed it. The officer mistook the home for a target in a drug raid.

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Fight Over Collective Bargaining Rights: Attack On Middle Class or Fiscal Sanity?

Thousands of Wisconsin citizens are taking to the streets to protest Republican Governor Scott Walker's proposal to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Republicans argue that this would help cash-strapped states like Wisconsin to keep spending in check.

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Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Rights Battle, Clifton Heights Officer Dragged By Car, and NBA All Star Weekend

The Omelette Saturday February 19, 2011 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Seeks to Take Away Collective Bargaining Rights

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