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harold camping


Weekly Roundup: Memorial Day Weekend 2011, Jersey Shore, Hangover 2 Vs. Kung Fu Panda 2, Jared Loughner, Patriot Act Extension, and Phillies Hot Streak

The Omelette Friday May 27, 2011 Memorial Day Weekend 2011 Is Here...Time For the Jersey Shore

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Harold Camping: America's Biggest Scoundrel

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Joplin Missouri Tornado Kills 90 People, Harold Camping Speaks About Doomsday Dud, Chase Utley's Return, and Bernard Hopkins Wins

The Omelette Monday May 23, 2011 Tornado Destroys Joplin, Missouri and Kills 89 People

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Harold Camping's May 21st Doomsday Scam, Roy Halladay Steps Up For Phillies, and John Street Contemplating Run For Mayor

The Omelette Saturday May 21, 2011 "Doomsday Edition" Harold Camping's May 21st Doomsday Scam

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May 21 Doomsday Fraud, Jason Giambi Crushes Phillies, and Lower Merion Cop Sexually Assaulted Woman

The Omelette Friday May 20, 2011 May 21st Doomsday Fraud Perpetrated By Harold Camping

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May 21st Doomsday or Judgment Day or Whatever You Want To Call It

So Saturday May 21st is supposed to the day the world will end. It's Doomsday for many or Judgment Day, depending on which nutjob you talk to. So what is in store for us on May 21st?

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