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health insurance


5 Employee Benefits Philadelphia Workers Want

The employment market in the city of Philadelphia is highly competitive for companies. Everyone is striving to attract and retain the very best in terms of talent. It is all about putting together a benefits package that is going to appeal most to employees.

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President Obama's lie mild compared to lies of past presidents

“All my life I”ve known better than to depend on the experts. How could I have been so stupid, to let them go ahead?”  

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Do the People of Philadelphia Want Healthcare Reform?

One issue that has the people of Philadelphia in a political quandary is the status of healthcare within the United States.

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No Public Option for You! Says Joe Lieberman

Well, the verdict is in.  The Democrats have caved in to Joe Lieberman, et al. and will not have a public option in the so-called health insurance overhaul. Let's be frank though.  What little public option was left in this bill wasn't exactly anything to get excited about.

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