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heat wave philadelphia


2011 Heat Wave Continues, NFL Lockout Not Quite Over Yet, and Phillies Defeat Cubs

The Omelette Wednesday July 20, 2011 2011 Heat Wave Continues Today...Temps to Soar Near 100

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Center City Attacker Leaves I.D., Hurricane Earl's Path Toward Northeast, and Phillies in L.A.

The Omelette Tuesday August 31, 2010 Edition Man Leaves Pants and I.D. at Crime Scene of Brutal Rape

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Roy Oswalt Phillies Watch, Tony Hayward, Northeast Heat Wave, and Sloppy Secondz Pennsylvania Guys Video

The Omelette:  Sunday July 25, 2010 Edition

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Could the Duck Boat Incident Have Been Prevented?

The Ride the Ducks Tours is a right of passage for many out-of-towners who tour Philadelphia.  If you're down along South and Front in Philly you'll often see the Duck Boat drives by every few minutes as they make their voyage through Old City and plunge into the Delaware River. 

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