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Helena Bonham Carter


‘Ocean’s 8’ reenergizes the series with plenty of girl power

Sandra Bullock

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'The Lone Ranger's' comedic, action packed moments outweigh film's lesser points

After being plagued for over two years with budget concerns, poor shooting conditions and other issues too numerous to mention, Disney was finally able to bring

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Colin Firth is Superb in 'The King’s Speech'

This might be the best movie to see with family and friends this holiday season. The King’s Speech is based on a true story of Albert, Duke of York, second in line to the throne, who hired a speech therapist to help him minimize his stammer.

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Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland is easy on the eyes, but where did the fun go?

As the opening credits swooped by in impressive, gimmicky 3-D, the genuine excitement and anticipation throughout the screening audience for the new Alice in Wonderland  was noticeably high. However, one could almost feel the life and fun sucked out of every audience member as each minute passed.

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