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Houston Astros


Phillies pursuing three major deals with two days to MLB Trade Deadline

The trade deadline arrives at 4:00 PM on Sunday, and the Phillies appear likely to swing a major deal sometime in the interim.

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Reports of Vance Worley For Hunter Pence: Why Pence Makes Sense For Phillies

Amid all of the Carlos Beltran trade rumors from the past week, there have been a few interesting reports involving the Astros’ Hunter Pence, including one that could be of significant interest to Phillies fans.

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Phillies' comeback win against the Astros might be a sign of good or bad things to come


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Whether it works out or not, Phillies HAD to make the Roy Oswalt trade

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE" So maybe Philadelphia IS Roy Oswalt's  kind of place after all.

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Does Phillies third NL East Title make this the franchise's golden era?

Wow, what a difference three days makes. 

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Phillies can't go from champs to chokers

Can you imagine the possible headlines the morning after baseball's regular season comes to a close next week:  "WORLD CHAMPS to WORLD CHUMPS" Yes, bad thoughts always seem to creep back into the minds of Philadelphia Phillies fans right around this time of the year when the team appears poised to make another post season.

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