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Justin Bieber Asked to Prom By South Jersey Teenager: But Is It a Date?

You may have heard that a high school junior recently asked Justin Bieber to attend the prom.

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R.E.M.’s breakup isn’t getting the attention that it deserves

It’s kind of ironic that the first song on my iPod when I walked into the gym today was R.E.M.’s  ‘Orange Crush.’  Little did I know that earlier in the day, the trio of Buck, Mills and Stipe announced they were "calling it a day as a band”  after 31 years together.

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Fashion Do's and Don'ts for Women's Gym Wear: Philly Fashionistas

Philly Fashionistas with Biana DeMarco

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South Jersey's Krista Purnell shares her 2010 Philadelphia Marathon experience

The 17th Annual Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon took place yesterday. It was a great day for running with clear skies, no rain, and cool, autumnal temperatures. The blue skies were the perfect backdrop for the legendary sights along the race course in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Thinking of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Maybe I can help!

Valentine’s Day can often prove to be tricky in the gift category and could maybe make or break your lovely union. But let’s think optimistically and try to center upon the gifts that could lead you two into eternal bliss. As a woman, I think I have a good sense of what women like and would love to receive from a guy and I think I have a good sense of taste on what to give the guys as well.

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In Defense of the English Major in Philadelphia Colleges and beyond

Being an opinion writer, I get critical email and comments from readers on a consistent basis. I expect that. What I didn’t expect was a small tidbit

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