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Sixers Ready to Sign Iverson to Contract

The Sixers are reportedly ready to sign Iverson to a contract according to one of our sources. He will return to the team after being traded in 2006. They will reportedly sign him on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Once we hear more we will report.  Stay tuned.

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Sixers Non-Sixers Report: Sixers Sign Iverson...

No, this article isn't what you think it's about.  The Philadelphia 76ers haven't signed Allen Iverson and I certainly don't want them to for the betterment of the team.

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Sixers Non-Sixers Report: Sign Iverson and learn from a long-time foe

It's no secret in the Philadelphia region that there are three teams that we care about.  The Phillies and Eagles are beloved, with the latter taking a lot of criticism due to an arrogant front office.    The Flyers have a loyal fanbase and are a lock to put 17,000-18,000 butts in the seats on a regular basis.  <

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