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Phillies fans, don't blame Jayson Werth for taking the Nationals' money, remember him as a champion

You knew the minute Jayson Werth hired Scott Boras as his

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Jayson Werth Takes Money Over Winning, Kensington Strangler Kills Again, and Ben Roethlisberger's Broken Nose Performance

The Omelette Monday December 6, 2010 Jayson Werth Prefers Money Over Winning

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Jayson Werth Signs With Nationals and Becomes Biggest Sellout in Phillies History

Congratulations to Jayson Werth, who finally got that lucrative contract he has been seeking after signing with the Washington Nationals for 7 years and $126 million clams. The Phillies weren't going to committ $18 million a year to a player who isn't among one of the game's best.

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