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Jeff Bridges


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘RIPD’ is rip roaring fun

Ryan Reynolds

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'TRON: Legacy' is a confusing but enjoyable IMAX 3D experience

Alright. I need quick show of hands to the following questions if you don't mind. First off, who knew that TRON: Legacy was a sequel? Who remembers the original TRON?

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Iron Man 2 doesn't fly as high as the original, but it still delivers

With the original Iron Man a surprise hit during the summer of 2008, Iron Man 2 isn't exactly going to sneak up on anybody like its predecessor. Due to the monster success of the first film (which grossed over $300 million in the US), it's needless to say that this much anticipated sequel has lofty expectations.

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Philly2Philly talks with Crazy Heart Writer and Director Scott Cooper

In the new film Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges  plays a fallen country singer who begins a slow road to recovery after being re-ignited by a young beautiful reporter (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

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