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jen sherlock


Jennifer Sherlock runs The Cedars House 5K at their new cafe and fitness center in Fairmount Park

The Cedars House recently held its grand opening which not only opened its doors as a café, but also kicked off as a running facility. And starting on July 22nd, they will begin their new ‘Running Mamas’ class. Classes are 8 weeks long and open to all including those with or without strollers. Sign up here: http://issuu.com/onefitmama/docs/running_mamas_entry_form

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Philly2Philly interviews Steve Welch, author of "We Are All Born Entrepreneurs"

We Are All Born Entrepreneurs (WAABE) explains why so many of us have a passion to be entrepreneurs. WAABE focuses on real life people who have tapped into their inner entrepreneur and succeeded in the face of adversity.

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Philly2Philly's Chenoa Greene is a finalist for the 2010 Miss USA Pageant on NBC

Turns out we have a celebrity in our midst at Philly2Philly.com  And no, not you Steve Olenski!!

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Philly2Philly's Jen Sherlock talks about her Blue Cross Broad Street Run experience

So now that I am fully recovered from the Broad Street Run, I can fully explain in detail what it was like this past Sunday.

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PlaySay.com reinvents how to learn new languages, and its founder lives in Philly!

Have you ever wanted to learn a language besides having to be forced to in school?

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Philly2Philly.com's Most Eligible Singles for March

After recovering from our hot singles party at Sumo with February’s most eligibles  Spencer and Dimitria, I have found two more awesome catches to highlight for Philly2Philly’s Most Eligible Singles for March. For most eligible chick, we have hot blonde bombshell and entrepreneur/president of Jenna Communications LLC, Jennifer Sherlock.

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