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jerome brown


Eagles Bill Bergey Throwback Thursday Jersey

Bill Bergey

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Eagles Andre Waters Throwback Thursday Jersey!

We’ve been doing Throwback Thursdays for a while now on P2P, and the fact that we’ve never had an

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Eagles Chris T. Jones Throwback Thursday Jersey!

Ok. I NEVER thought I would come across this.

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Eagles Clyde Simmons Throwback Thursday Jersey

In celebration of

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Philadelphia Eagles Collapse Against the 49ers - The Morning After

Morning campers,Unfortunately we're not waking up to a 2-0 Phils lead  and after what we witnessed at The Linc yesterday... it is really ugly around here.

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Jerome Brown Eagles Jersey: Philly2Philly Throwback Thursday Jersey of the Week

While Jerome Brown sadly was never able to wear the Eagles' midnight green jersey, the fact that somebody has one with his name on it is a true testament of how he was loved in Philadelphia. Hopefully, the Birds will finally bring it home for Jerome this year!

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