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jim teti


REVIEW: ‘Bumblebee’ brings Transformers franchise back to life

New Transformers film replaces special effects pyrotechnics with a large beating heart

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 5 Reasons to Check It Out

This weekend the long awaited

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Ghostbusters Reboot: 5 Reasons To Check It Out

 Bustin makes me feel good!

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REVIEW: ‘The Martian’ A Story Equal Parts Human and Science Fiction

You could do a lot worse than being stuck on Mars for two hours with

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REVIEW: 'Magic Mike' Serves Up XXL Size Entertainment

Magic Mike XXL

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REVIEW: Does a star-studded cast help 'Into The Woods'?

The stage to screen transition of the Steven Sondheim musical Into the Woods

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'Gone Girl' Review: Ben Affleck, David Fincher savagely take on Gillian Flynn's Best-Selling Novel

The marriage of crime thriller and razor sharp satire is at the heart of

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