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john elway


Desperately Seeking Aaron Rodgers: NFL Unfiltered Week 4

The National Football League’s incessant quest to find the next Aaron Rodgers has created a g

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NFL Unfiltered Super Bowl Edition: IS Brady the best ever?

Super Bowl XLIX belongs in any conversation of the most compelling title games in NFL history.  

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Cornerback: The NFL’s version of The Hunger Games

NFL Unfiltered Week 12

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Peyton Manning clearly putting himself ahead of the Colts

Peyton Manning’s

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ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating is a Waste of Time

The relentless pursuit of all things statistical has become the bane of my sports enjoyment.

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Top Seven Super Bowl Moments from a Philadelphia Eagles fan

Ok. So we're snowed in, and I'm really past the point of making snow angels (although it is enticing).  That being said, I have some time on my hands and thought I would discuss the most memorable moments of Super Bowl Sunday I can think of that really stand out in my lifetime.  Why seven? These were the ones that really stuck out in my mind. Plus, seven is a lucky number, and I think we could all use a little bit of luck these days. So here they are, in chronological order.  

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Brett Favre may really mean it this time with retirement talk

Brett Favre may not be kidding this time when he says he may not play again.

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