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John Harbaugh


NFL Unfiltered Week 17: Why the other Harbaugh is a Super Bowl Champ

Now that

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NFL Unfiltered Week 6: Are all NFL head coaches the same?

Rampant speculation on the future of an NFL head coach is as fundamental to pro football as tackling, touchdowns and trash-talk.  

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God was clearly on Ravens' side- NFL Unfiltered: Super Bowl Edition

And on the seventh day He didn’t rest after all.

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Eagles slide past Ravens - The Morning After

Morning campers. My what a glorious day it was yesterday for football wasn’t it? It was extra nice for yours truly as I watched the game not only with greatest financial mind since James Cash Penney, MQ - but also my 8-year old son Josh, himself quite the Birds’ devotee to say the least. And my wasn’t it nice of the Phillies to drop three of four against the ’27 Yankees. Oh wait, that wasn’t the ‘27 Yankees, was it?

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Prepare for Philadelphia Eagles’ Offseason Spin Tactics

There are different varieties of propaganda.  

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