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jon corzine


MF Global Holdings should hope Jon Corzine does better job as CEO than New Jersey Governor

Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine will really be rolling in the dough again as he has been hired of MF Global Holdings. 

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New Jersey’s New Medical Marijuana Laws

On his last day in office, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine  signed 55 bills, including one legalizing medical marijuana.   

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New Jersey Goes Green! Medicinal Marijuana Bill Passes Legislature.

For what is a victory for many cancer sufferers and liberterians, the New Jersey legislature has passed a bill which will allow marijuana to be prescribed for medicinal purposes. And, Governor Corzine has announced that he will pass it before leaving office next week.

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What New Jersey’s Ruling On Gay Marriage Means

On January 7th, the New Jersey state Senate  defeated a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage. The vote was 20-14 and nine Democrats, including Senate President Steve Sweeney, either voted “no” or abstained.

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Tuesday’s Election Results in NJ, VA, CA-10, NY-23

It was an off-year election, and everything went as expected – almost. Four races were hotly contested (Virginia Governor, New Jersey Governor, California’s 10th Congressional District, New York’s 23rd Congressional District) in the national media, and all were interesting in the realm of political junkies and 3am CSPAN gazers.

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New Jersey's Race for Governor-Corzine, Christie, and Daggett are each awful

In 1994, the NBA’s New Jersey Nets considered renaming themselves the Swamp Dragons. Ownership eventually declined and the name-change was unofficially handed off to politicians running for statewide office. Next week, our neighbors across the Delaware will be voting for governor. Their choices: A corrupt jogger, a corrupt fat dude, and someone else who’s neither – but not much else.

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