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jose reyes


Ranking Jimmy Rollins with rest of NL East shortstops

If you haven’t yet already, take a minute to read the first two posts, which featured first and second basemen. In this edition of the series, we will be discussing shortstop.    

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2012 brings back healthy NL East hatred for Phillies fans

Over the last five years, the Phillies’ annual march to the NL East title has become more and more anticlimactic.

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Sixers Terrible New Mascot Designs, New Earth-like Planet Called Kepler-22b Discovered, and Phillies Interested in Aramis Ramirez

The Omelette Wednesday December 7, 2011 Philadelphia 76ers New Ownership Unveil Three Terrible Mascot Designs

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Phillies' Final Decision: Signing Michael Cuddyer or Jimmy Rollins?

The first two weeks of the Phillies' 2011 offseason have made a couple of things pretty clear.

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Phillies Free Agency Preview: Will they sign Jonathan Papelbon over Ryan Madson?

Phillies Free Agency Preview : How Team can be Improved for 2012

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Phillies’ Shortstop Jose Reyes: Could it Happen in 2012?

The Phillies have been a professional franchise for 128 years, and have played almost 20,000 games. In nearly 1600 of those, Jimmy Rollins has taken the field in some capacity. It sort of puts Rollins’ place in Phillies history into perspective as he nears the completion of a decade in Philadelphia.

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