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Karate Kid


Philadelphia Wizard World 2014: Zombies, Doctors and the Winter Soldier

Strengthened by this year’s excellent lineup of superhero and science fiction stars,

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Wizard World Philadelphia 2014: Heroes and fans assemble!

It was that time of year again this past weekend at the

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Vagina MonoBlogs: Low Blows and Rabbit Punches

We all remember the scene when the malicious Sensei tells his student to sweep the leg.  Johnny hesitates for a brief moment, tosses his golden locks around a bit, but ultimately decides to take his orders and meets Daniel-San back on the mat for the premeditated low-blow.

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The Downbeach Film Festival presents the Atlantic City Cinefest

Lights Camera, Action! The 2009 Downbeach Film Festival presented the Atlantic City Cinefest at Resorts Atlantic City this weekend. For the first time, the festival has moved from its Ventnor/Margate location to Atlantic City which has a little more glitz and glamour, according to the Executive Director of the festival, William Sokolic. “The time is right to resurrect the festival,” he says, “I think it’s important because it’s (the Downbeach Film Festival) another destination to Atlantic City. It adds something to Atlantic City.” And the timing couldn’t be better!

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