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ken rosenthal


Josh Hamilton joining the Phillies: The pros and cons

According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the

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Jimmy Rollins resigning with the Phillies would not be Ruben Amaro's last move

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

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Phillies sign Jonathan Papelbon, but was Ryan Madson a better choice?

In an interesting turn of events, the 4-year deal the Phillies apparently had with

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Top 5 Concerns for Phillies as they clinch NL East and head to the playoffs


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Will the return of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard change the Phillies' momentum?

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE"  You've seen it happen before: a star athlete returns to a team after a long injury, and you expect the team to play even better now that he's back.

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Should the Phillies go for Cliff Lee (again)? Or take a mulligan on 2010?

You saw the game last night.

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Phillies draw praise from baseball insiders and media, but questions still remain

After hearing for the last week on local talk radio and from baseball insiders about how great this Philadelphia Phillies  team will fare in 2010, I had to stop and ask myself some honest questions about the 2010 Phillies, and why some of t

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