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Kenny Britt


NFL Unfiltered Week 3: Despite league controversies, fans will always watch

NFL Commissioner

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NFL Preseason/Training Camp Power Rankings

It’s early August, which means these NFL Power Rankings should be taken with not only a grain of salt but the whole freakin’ salt shaker, too. In fact, throw in some pepper, too for trying to rank the NFL teams this early is an exercise in flying blind.

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Kenny Britt Burns Eagles, Local Swimmer Fran Crippen Dies, and Phillies Collapse To Giants

The Omelette Monday October 25, 2010 Kenny Britt Burns The Eagles in 37-19 loss

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The Morning After: Eagles Fall To Titans

Morning campers, I will dispense with any "punny" headlines and keep the humor to a minimum  because, well... damn it, I don't feel like laughing right now and I'm guessing most of you don't, either... Before I get to the Birds debacle, please allow me a few minutes to vent and rant on the Phillies... I feel it will be very cathartic for me, thank you. Let's just go rapid fire, shall we?

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Kenny Britt and San Francisco Giants Give Philadelphia Fans The Weekend From Hell

When it rains it pours in Philadelphia.

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