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Kirk Cousins


Eagles beat Redskins; Advance to NFL Playoffs: The Morning After

Good morning campers!

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Eagles Manhandled By Redskins: The Morning After

Good morning campers,  

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NFL Unfiltered Week 5: League Must Search Harder for Quarterbacks

National Football League general managers and personnel men are failing miserably.  

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Hue Jackson isn't Burfict: NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Playoff Edition

The bizarre ending to another

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Peyton Manning's Denial & Chip Kelly's Green Mile? NFL Unfiltered Week 16

There is a certain silliness and naiveté offered by some media and fans every time news of performance-enhancing drug use hits the landscape.  

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Andrew Luck Benefits From Double Standard: NFL Unfiltered Week 7

By definition, double standards are unfair. They speak to our collective need to praise those we like, while criticizing those we don’t.  

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Why are Eagles fans surprised by Sam Bradford? NFL Unfiltered Week 3

Belief in

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