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Kristen Stewart


REVIEW - American Ultra: The Stoner Bourne

Jesse Eisenberg

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Disney Uncovers Lost Cartoon, Kristen Stewart’s salary, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split

Disney’s Lost Cartoon Uncovered 

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Snow White and the Huntsman: Imaginative visual effects, grand scope, dull story

Gorgeous panoramic shots of a rugged England landscape. Epic scope that demands attention.

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'Twilight' Wedding Dress, Possible Steve Jobs movie, and Justin Bieber to challenge Baby Mama Accuser

Twilight Wedding Dress: You Could Look Like Bella at Your Wedding

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Philadelphia Film Festival Recap: Star-studded celluloid assault on the City of Brotherly Love

Psychotic Ballerina’s, daring rock climbers, feuding lovers populate this year’s fest Now that the 19th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival  has commenced with the stirring drama 127 Hours, the time has come to reflect on what has been a fairly eclectic collection of films, big and small. Here are some of the highlights that marked the festival this time around.

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Twilight Eclipse First Decent Movie From Twilight Series Thanks to New Director

New film benefits from a better director and a more secure handle on all the silly, sparkly vampire melodrama

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Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart get down and dirty in The Runaways

Most of the buzz about The Runaways  is true. Yes, Kristen Stewart  ditches the tweeny Twilight persona, goes gay, and says f**k at least twenty times. Yes, the innocent Dakota Fanning plays a pill popping drug addict.

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New Moon Movie Review: Latest entry in Twilight series is a snooze

New Moon could be a horror film on the daunting aspect of having a child enter their teenage years. It will likely send parents with children on the cusp of adulthood screaming from the theater.

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