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lance berkman


Cardinals' win against Rangers in World Series Game 6 rivals Mets vs Red Sox in 1986

If you are still shaking your head at the turn of events that just transpired from about 11:30pm to roughly 12:40am in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, you are not alone.

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Phillies vs Cardinals NLDS Preview and Prediction

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The Top 5 Teams that could kill the Phillies’ World Series title hopes

With a win against the Oakland A’s Sunday, the Phillies clinched their first winning record in June since 2007. The most important series of this season to date starts Tuesday, as three-game series (and possible World Series matchup) with the Boston Red Sox gets underway.

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Whether it works out or not, Phillies HAD to make the Roy Oswalt trade

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE" So maybe Philadelphia IS Roy Oswalt's  kind of place after all.

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