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Leonardo Dicaprio


Movie Review: ‘The Great Gatsby’ glitters

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Beyonce lip-synced Star Spangled Banner, Leonardo DiCaprio taking a break, Shakira's new baby

Beyonce Lip-Synced the Star-Spangled Banner

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Captain Zoloft: The Vagina Monoblogs

I dated someone for a year or so who was just a walking man of extremes.  Everything that he was into, he was INTO. The man didn’t have hobbies, he had passions.

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'Inception' will have you dream a little dream

Inception twists the audience’s brain like a Bavarian pretzel, but the movie is a good blend of artistic science fiction film and summer blockbuster.

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Philly2Philly Movie Review: Shutter Island

Shutter Island is the kind of movie that makes for good water cooler conversation at the office.

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