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lex luthor


REVIEW: 'Batman v Superman' flawed, but fun

Batman v Superman

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‘Smallville’ star Michael Rosenbaum discusses directorial debut ‘Back in the Day’

Building upon his diverse film and television experience, actor Michael Rosenbaum   recently returned to his hometown of Newburgh, Indiana for his directorial debut,

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'Man of Steel' explores darker, more complex side of Superman

I must admit, I was expecting very little when plans were announced to reboot the Superman franchise again.

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The Vagina MonoBlogs: Sacrificial Cotton

There are just a few of those things out there in the world that we all have an equal distaste for as women: Soap in the eyes, sour milk, blackouts in the middle of the night which result in re-setting the alarm clock and then you wake up three hours late.

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Henry Cavill is the new Superman, but is The Man of Steel's message relevant anymore?

It was announced this weekend that British actor Henry Cavill has been chosen for the role of Superman in Superman:The Man of Steel

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