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mariano rivera


Phillies Preview: Expecting a Wild (Card) Ride in 2012

In Philly, perhaps even more than in other cities, we have the cockeyed optimists and the hard-wired pessimists. Okay, maybe that’s in every sports city, but it just seems more magnified here.

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Carl Crawford signing makes Red Sox bigger baseball prostitutes than the Yankees

First it was the acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez  Monday afternoon. And

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World Series Preview Game 6: Do or Die for the Phillies vs.Yankees

The last time the Phillies were in Game 6 of the World Series, Joe Carter's three-run homer sent the Phillies home. As far as the Yankees' last World Series Game 6, it was 2003 against the Marlins. Andy Pettitte pitched that game-and lost. If Pettitte loses tonight's Game 6, the Phillies will have tied the series 3-3, and will go on to the first Game 7 in their long history tomorrow night. If Pettitte wins, the Phillies go home, and all this nonsense about him pitching on three days rest goes out the window.

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World Series Game 3 goes to Andy Pettitte as Yankees beat the Phillies

Cole Hamels should take a long, hard, look at himself.

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Hamels vs. Pettitte Square Off in World Series Game Three

If you would have told me the Yankees would have only scored four runs in the first two games of the 2009 World Series, I would have been pleased. With that being said, I also would have thought the Phillies would have taken the first two games with the Yankees'  run total being as low as it was.

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Phillies can't solve Burnett as Yankees even World Series in Game Two

Game Two of World Series games are not Jayson Werth's specialty.

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Cliff Lee, Utley spearhead Phillies win over Yankees in Game One of the World Series

No matter what happens from this point on, I think it's safe to say that Ruben Amaro made the right move in acquiring Cliff Lee over Roy Halladay three months ago. With his masterful performance Wednesday night against the favored New York Yankees in Game One of the 2009 World Series, Lee now owns a career postseason ERA of 0.54- one of the the lowest ERA's EVER for any pitcher in the postseason history of Major League Baseball.

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Phillies-Yankees World Series Preview: A Tale of Two Franchises

When you come to think about it, there aren't any two teams on such opposite ends of the baseball history spectrum as The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.  So it's kind of ironic that on Wednesday night, the two teams will be squaring off against each other as the World Series finally begins.

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Phillies Take Game One of NLCS Against Dodgers

I am running out of adjectives to describe this Phillies team.  To say the last three games have been extremely gut wrenching is a vast understatement at best.  It wasn't pretty, but it was memorable. And at the end of the day, the Phils have a 1-0 lead on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2009 NLCS. Because it's two o'clock in the morning, and I have to leave early for a wedding in Maryland tomorrow, I am quickly recapping my keys to beating the Dodgers from the other day to see how accurate I really was.  Don't worry, I'll only include the important things:

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