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Give Your Philly Business a Competitive Edge Through Centralization

Getting the edge in business is something that you should be focusing on every moment that you can. Your competitors are always looking at better ways to compete for your customer's dollar.

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3 Steps towards building your own "Brand Name" - Brilliant Frugal Living

At some point in time, we’re all in the market to effectively build and expand our “brand name”, whether it’s for ourselves (building our name recognition and reputation for a job interview), or your small business (marketing all you offer to the public), or perhaps an organization we’re devoted to (gardening club, sports team, you

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Bucks County's Network Now Conference Sparked by Appearances of Lu Ann Cahn, Lynn Doyle, Jennaphr Frederick, and Jen Groover

Some see others as who they are, not as who they can become. But, each person must always recognize that they are the only expert on their own developing lives. One way to progress personally is by pursuing positive connections with others. Higher levels of mutual success and fulfillment will naturally result from those shared journeys.

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, and their impact on social networking for websites

By Joe Vallee and Dennis Bakay Part I by Joe Vallee It's been exactly a year since I joined Facebook. And to be honest, I don't know where I would be without it.

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