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Martin Luther King Jr


Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Golden Globe Awards, and New York Giants Upset Green Bay Packers

The Omelette Monday January 16, 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. is Honored With a Day of Service

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Rush Limbaugh Vomits on Martin Luther King Jr.'s Grave on Martin Luther King Day

Rush Limbaugh has done it again. This time he has reached another low by exploiting Martin Luther King Jr. Day on his blog to attack political opponents.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day: His Quotes Will Always Remain Timeless

Martin Luther King Jr. Day honors a man who is the only non-president to have a National Holiday. Dr. King not only elevated the status of African Americans, but he also transformed politics. His indelible mark will forever remain stamped upon America.

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Eagles Defeat Giants, Ellis Hobbs Ok After Neck Injury, Dave Tollefson Dirty Hit, and JFK Assassination Anniversary

The Omelette Monday November 22, 2010 Eagles Take Over First Place in NFC East With Win Over Giants

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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally is a Slap in the Face To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Glenn Beck has a dream folks. Glenn Beck's dream is for his rally in Washington D.C. to draw a few hundred thousand supporters at the Lincoln Memorial.

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Are banks open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? No, they are closed you fools!

I was stunned, stupified, mortified, apalled at a popular topic today on the wonderful world of the internets (to quote GW).  Apparently hundreds of thousands of people in this country forgot that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday. This means no schools, post offices, any other government offices, or BANKS are open today.

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The Morning After- Eagles Lose to the Cowboys

Morning campers, I trust everyone had a safe and happy New Year's holiday. I was fortunate to have the week off to spend with my sexy and beautiful wife and two precocious kids... However, this is a very bitterseweet Morning After for yours truly as today I am embarking on a new and exciting journey in my career yet have that unmistakable taste of disgust in my mouth following yesterday's "game."

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