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marvin lewis


Hue Jackson isn't Burfict: NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Playoff Edition

The bizarre ending to another

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Desperately Seeking Aaron Rodgers: NFL Unfiltered Week 4

The National Football League’s incessant quest to find the next Aaron Rodgers has created a g

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Why are Eagles fans surprised by Sam Bradford? NFL Unfiltered Week 3

Belief in

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Ravens' front office makes Eagles look foolish- NFL Unfiltered Wild Card Edition

Each season, fans and media spend six months dissecting as much NFL minutia as possible, but once the playoffs begin, all the statistics, front office leaks and locker room drama that make the regular season palpable, becomes irrelevant.

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Is the NFC East now up for grabs? NFL Unfiltered Week 5

Suddenly, the

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Are NFL experts biased against certain quarterbacks? NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Edition

When analyzing NFL quarterbacks, particularly young ones, the national media changes the narrative more than a Christopher Nolan film.  

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Eagles coaching job, Ray Lewis, RGIII in NFL Unfiltered: Wildcard Edition

Contrary to the views held by both the fans and the local media, the

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Eagles trounced by Bengals: The Morning After

Good morning campers...and Happy Friday. 

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