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matthew clemmens


Kolb Starting Sunday, Phillies Beat Braves, and President Obama in Philly

The Omelette Tuesday September 21, 2010 Edition Kevin Kolb to Start Sunday Against Jaguars

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Roy Oswalt Debut, Snooki's Arrest, Matthew Clemmens sentenced, and Philly Cop Charged in Bar Theft

The Omelette Saturday July 31, 2010 Edition Roy Oswalt's debut is rather mediocre

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Phillies Fan Tasered By Cop Gives Philly Fans a Bad Name

Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably heard about the Phillies fan who ran onto the field last night at Citizen's Bank Park.  And, this Phillies fan got tasered by a cop.  Check out the video below of the Phillies fan who was tasered.

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Philadelphia Fans Get Black Eye When Phillies Fan Vomits on Girl and Cop

It seems like we can't go a month in Philadelphia without an idiot fan giving everybody a bad name.  In previous years, a minority of Eagles fans would make all Philadelphia fans look bad with low-rent behavior.  I witnessed it myself at the 2004 NFC Championship game when a couple Eagles fans were spitting on some Carolina Panthers fans who were celebrating the victory.  Sure, it was a horrible loss, but is that reason to spit on somebody?

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