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matthew stafford


Chip Kelly's Eagles Shouldn't Surprise Anyone: NFL Unfiltered Week 12

Sometimes, football fans and media confuse me.    

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Desperately Seeking Aaron Rodgers: NFL Unfiltered Week 4

The National Football League’s incessant quest to find the next Aaron Rodgers has created a g

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Chip Kelly's Eagle-centric ways hurting the Birds - NFL Unfiltered Week 11

Based on his press conferences and the power he wields within the NovaCare complex,

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NFL Unfiltered (Preseason): Fans care more about stat sheets than rap sheets

It seems every other day another NFL player appears on a police blotter.  

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Are the Eagles frauds or a fairytale? NFL Unfiltered Week 16

Most fans of the

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Is Nick Foles a dinosaur, or does he just move like one? NFL Unfiltered: Week 11

If you define professional football by saber metrics or statistical measurements, the love affair between you and

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NFL Unfiltered Week 3: Green Bay Packers get hosed, MIchael Vick, and more!

The NFL landscape is forever changing.  And today, the trend is to put the game back in the hands of the quarterback. That isn't wise?

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The Morning After- Eagles Beat the Colts

Good morning campers,I trust you all had a fine bye week, AKA Halloween...Seems as if the chills and thrills did not end on October 31st as we had ourselves quite the game yesterday. It was most assuredly the Eagles most impressive win this season so far and from the looks of things not only is the NFC parody-laden, the entire NFL is one big EQUAL (=) sign...

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