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Miami Dolphins


Eagles collapse against Dolphins: The Morning After

Good morning all (and I use that term loosely), 

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Chip Kelly's Eagle-centric ways hurting the Birds - NFL Unfiltered Week 11

Based on his press conferences and the power he wields within the NovaCare complex,

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Does Peyton Manning's stats make him greatest QB ever? NFL Unfiltered: Week 7

In politics, you are either drinking the Kool-Aid or serving up hate; there is little room for any measured thought.     

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NFL’s hip-hop/prison culture doomed Jonathan Martin: NFL Unfiltered Week 10

After further examination,

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Prepare for Philadelphia Eagles’ Offseason Spin Tactics

There are different varieties of propaganda.  

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Eagles defeat Dolphins - The Morning After

Morning campers, After hearing from the masses, I have decided to shelve the video version of The Morning After and return it to its original roots... the pen, er the keyboard.  I realize now that my videos, while campy to some, were downright frightening and even boring to others. So far be it from yours truly to not listen to the people... 

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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 16

The 2nd to last week of the NFL season is upon us... the playoff picture in the NFC is rounding into form while over in the AFC, it's still very wide open.

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Tim Tebow would soar with the Philadelphia Eagles

I know what you’re thinking.  We have enough quarterbacks in Philadelphia and Tim Tebow is not a prototypical type of QB so what is the point of the article?  Before you discard this piece and move on to the rest of the sports section take a minute from your day and lets examine why Tim Tebow would look great in an Eagles uniform and when I’m through, you can either label me an idiot (Which I’m sure may of you have already) or a genius (Which is highly unlikely but let’s give it a shot anyway).

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