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miami heat


My letter of apology to Sixers CEO Adam Aron

Good afternoon Mr. Aron,

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Why Phillies fans can still have faith in 2012

Being a Phillies fan hasn’t been easy this year.  We have suffered about as much as the fan base of a .500 baseball team can suffer.

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2012 NBA Playoff Preview: Who are the contenders and pretenders?

The NBA just completed one of the strangest, most confounding seasons in its history    

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The Trayvon Martin Shooting Case, Race, and the Media

The shooting of

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Hey Philadelphia, the Sixers are fun to watch again!

It’s been a long time coming, but you no longer have to make a choice between watching that hilarious T.J. Hooker rerun and a Sixers game.

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Miami Heat’s Failure May Hold Lessons for Phillies

The unveiling of the Miami Heat’s Big Three will go down in history; particularly if one is studying the history of ostentatiousness.  

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LeBron James plays more like a court jester then King, falls flat on his throne

Paging Mr. James! Paging Mr. James! Are you there?

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Billy Vargus: It's OK To Root Against LeBron James!


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LeBron James will always be hated by Cavaliers fans if Miami Heat win NBA Finals

LeBron James sold out and went to Miami because he wanted to win a championship, the Heat were spending, and

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