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michael bloomberg


The Ground Zero Mosque Has a Constitutional Right To Be Built

In December 2009, influential American Muslim leader Feisal Abdul Rauf announced plans to build a 15-story community center, the Cordoba House, in downtown Manhattan. The center, which is to include a dedicated prayer space, would be located two blocks from Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

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Bid Committee Fights to Bring the World Cup to US in 2018 or 2022

By Sean Garrison

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Democrats More Afraid of Tea Party Than Terrorists and Nuclear-Armed Iran

The Metro headline was unambiguous: "Taliban plotted Times Sq. Attempt." Subtitle: "White House says new information shows bomber wasn't acting alone." No surprise, really. Except that's not what we heard the day of the event from New York Democratic leaders.

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Car Bomb In Times Square Brings Terrorism Back To Forefront Of National Discussion

A car bomb discovered last night in Times Square, prompted an evacuation of the entire area and surrounding streets around 6:30 PM last night.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on record to say, "We are lucky." According to The New York Times, "A large swath of Midtown — from 43rd Street to 48t

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