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Michele Bachmann


Let's Not Anoint Mitt Romney Just Yet When Ron Paul is Building Momentum

Ever since 2007, conservatives and demagogues have disliked presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

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Newt Gingrich's Rhetorical Boldness Could Bring Down President Barack Obama in November

At the beginning of the GOP presidential nomination race the obvious picks for many were Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

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Chris Christie's Presidential Run: The Man of the Hour Won't Run So Stop Asking

Upon assuming office January 1, 2010, Governor Chris Christie catapulted to the top of national headlines.

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Ron Paul's 2012 Run For President: Why the Media Should Stop Ignoring Him

Why the Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul.

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The GOP Debate and Iowa Straw Poll: Fox News and Michele Bachmann Were the Winners in Ames Iowa

The GOP Presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, was certainly one of the feistiest in recent memory.

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