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mike pereira


The Morning After- Eagles Lose to the Redskins, but cheer McNabb

Good morning campers,Trust you all had a great weekend. My wasn't it nice having Donovan McNabb back in Philly... of course there's the obligatory divots that need to be filled following any time #5 plays QB, but I digress.Let's get to getting...FIVE ALIVE...

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The Morning After - Eagles Defeat The Lions, Almost Blowing It

Good morning my campers, Due to a scheduling conflict, I was not in my normal spot to the left of MQ but rather home with my 6 year-old son Josh. So while the Birds were doing battle with the Lions, I was, in between plays – doing battle in Zhu Zhu Pet Stadium, jousting” with my son with a bevy of knights and horses and swords and having my “penguin” head knocked off.

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