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A Queer Midsummer Night’s Dream

Mauckingbird Theatre Company presents a gender-bent look at Shakespeare’s famous play for a woman wert thou first created;Till Nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting,And by addition me of thee defeated—from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 20, widely seen as a homoerotic paean to a young male muse, “the master mistress of [his] passion”

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Moliere's The Miser at Lansdale Center for Performing Arts

It may be far from contemporary, but given today’s penny-pinching climate, The Miser, which is set to open Friday, March 26 at Lansdale Center for Performing Arts, may hit home for audience members who come to enjoy the comical production. 

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No Deceit: Lantern Theater’s Scapin is a Treat

A classic work of comic literature, a joyous reworking by one of the best clowns in modern theater, an imaginative staging by a top-class Philadelphia company, and puppets: the stage is set for a night of great theatrical entertainment.

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