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Do We Enable Greg Hardy? NFL Unfiltered Week 9

Domestic violence is not just a Greg Hardy problem, or an NFL problem; it is a world problem.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Is Chip Kelly missing the Eagles' big picture?

Today, it is easy for the Delaware Valley to feel good about the state of the

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How O.J. Simpson's Bronco chase and trial set the stage for reality TV

June 17th, 1994. 

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Is the NFL profiling quarterbacks instead of protecting them?

When it comes to quarterbacks, the

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'ER' reunion in the works? Jessica Simpson, 'Under the Dome's' fate revealed

Possible ‘ER’ reunion?  

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Former Phillie Darren Daulton faces toughest battle yet

As a 14 year-old kid who stepped into the

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Cowboys beat The Eagles, and the spiral continues - The Morning After

Morning campers, Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I will be the first to admit staying up for the entire Cowboys/Eagles game was challenging to say the least. I wonder how many of you out there watched the whole game, too?  I'm thinking not many.  Let's get to gettimg... Must See TV... Unless You're Under 14 

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NFL Unfiltered Week 4: Jets and Saints floundering, did Cam Newton cost the Panthers Sunday's game?

Perhaps it is the physical nature of the National Football League. Or maybe it is due to the sheer arrogance of the men in charge.  But whatever the reason, head coaches always behave as if their team is superior to the opponent even when they aren’t.  

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Shakira and Usher joining 'The Voice,' Shaun White arrested, Amanda Bynes' car impounded

Shakira and Usher to Join NBC's The Voice

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