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Phillies 2016: We've Got Our Predictions

When we last left the Phillies, they were coming off their worst season in more than half a century.

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USC’s Kiffin eager to poach Penn State’s Silas Redd

It was less than 24 hours after the

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Penn State levelled by NCAA sanctions: Can they ever recover?

In the wake of the

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MLB Fan Cave contest features New Jersey resident & Phillies fan who needs your votes!

There were more than 22,000 applicants who threw their hat in the ring for MLB Network’s Fan Cave contest, and one particular selected finalist is representing Phillies red with pride.

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Eagles can Finally Solve Linebacker Woes with Luke Kuechly

The Eagles’ lack of coaching moves over the last couple weeks was especially telling.

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Billy Vargus: It's OK To Root Against LeBron James!


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Top 5 Most Absurd Excuses for Skipping Work to Watch The NCAA Tournament

There comes a time every year when you see a co-worker skip work during the second or third week of March.

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A BCS caste system? A look at Boise State's raw deal.

Well, the regular season for college football is now complete and with a BCS Bowl Show that surprised almost no one and yet decided the fate of so many worthy college teams, the decision makers of the BCS conducted  their annual “BS” and choose who will dance in a BCS Bowl and who will be left out in the cold.  And despite so many objections and pleas for a playoff system, the BCS remains in place. 

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